Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Correia Does The Double

Martin Correia has won his second APN Promotions IPT Satellite qualifier in a row by defeating Damien Overton in the final at Rileys Victoria on Sunday.

The field in Victoria was a disappointing 19 with group stages followed by straight KO.

Group A turned out to be the group of death as Overton, Correia, Osborne and Brown were all drawn together. In the final match both Correia and Osbore would have progressed had Osborne won the match. Correia won it 5-4 and sent Overton through to the quarters.

The 1/4 Finals

Martin Correia 7-5 Ali Ramzi
Tony Burton 7-4 Caroline Walch
Gareth Esprit 5-7 Bartek Czapla
Andy Nicholson 2-7 Damien Overton

The Semi-Finals

Martin Correia 7-1 Tony Burton
Bartek Czapla 3-7 Damien Overton

The Final

Martin Correia 7-6 Damien Overton

This was one of the best finals I have ever seen. Damien was leading 6-3 and ran the rack on the hill but over ran position on the 8 ball leaving himself hooked. He called a corner pocket and tried a 3 rail kick, he narrowly missed his intended pocket and left the table open for Martin.

Martin then cleared his balls and won the next two racks taking it to hill-hill with Martin to break. He came up dry and let Damien in. Overton again ran all object balls and did not get the intended position on the 8 ball. The only shot he had was a full table audacious carom off the 15 ball, it just missed and went two rails into the centre pocket giving Martin the rack and the match.

James Kay won the event in Manchester with a 7-5 win over Paul Williams.

Next event in Sunday 23rd July at Rileys Solihull.
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