Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pool has new found friends

With Ronnie O'Sullivan out in the states playing on the IPT 8-Ball Tour many people in this country have all of a sudden begun to give the game the recognition it deserves.

Even the Guardian newspaper has been getting in on the act with a feature about O'Sullivan in the paper. Can be read here:,,1832727,00.html

The IPT was always going to cause a stir to the pool scene and even the cue sports world in general as the prize money on offer is unprecedented. Ronnie as helped build the image for the IPT brand by helping out at Press Conferences and telling peoplehow difficult the game really is.

I have heard people question the integrity of IPT founder Kevin Trudeau saying that he is in to make a fast buck, my reply is so what? Even if the tour does collapse after a year or two years the players that have won an event or have reached the latter stages will be financially secure for life. The players deserve the opportunity to earn huge amounts of money ligitimately rather than scraping a living in dark, damp pool halls across the globe. If the players are getting paid then I don't see why anyone has cause to complain.

If the tour continues past two, three or even four years then other promoters are going to have to dig deep to attract the players. Too much in pool has been about promoters and governing bodies making money, often at the detriment of the player.

May the IPT live on!
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