Saturday, July 22, 2006

Predator Shaft Technology are pleased to announce that they will soon be carrying Predator Pool Cues and Predator Shafts.

Predator set up in 1992 to develop a technologically advanced cue shaft to decrease cue ball deflection and increase performance. Nowadays over 50% of professional pool players use Predator technology to aid their game.

Predator has built their business on their technologically-advanced pool cue shafts. If you want to enhance your game, simply replace the shaft of your existing cue with a Predator.

Predator is scientifically proven to shoot straighter when you use English (side spin). This is because the shaft produces as much as 50% less cueball deflection than any other cue, simply meaning you will be more accurate.

More Spin: Predator cues and shafts generate more spin (on average, 15-25% more). It is easier to draw and follow the cueball with a Predator pool cue shaft.

Flexural Consistency: Because the Predator shaft is spliced in ten pieces it will give you more consistent results and have a tendency to stay straighter than a conventional one piece shaft.

Results: Over 90% of independently surveyed Predator owners believed that playing with Predator improved their game.

Strong Warranties: All Predator Cues and Shafts are warranted for life against any manufacturer defect. If the ferrule ever cracks it is replaced free of charge. If the splices ever separate, the shaft is replaced free of charge.

Service: If you buy a Predator Product, you can call their factory toll-free at any time, and they will give you top priority. Predator is proud of their reputation of not only having one of the best performing pool cues in the industry, but possibly some of the best service also.

Feel: Traditional shafts vibrate on impact and distort the natural feel of the cue. The purer transfer of energy in the 314 shaft produces less vibration and leaves the player with a very solid feel.

Predator shafts come in a variety of joint pins that will fit the majority of pool cues on the market, call us or email us to see if we can get a Predator shaft for your cue.

We will soon be able to offer thesecond generation Predator 314 and Z-shafts. As of August we will also be able to supply the brand new Predator 5K series.
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