Friday, August 04, 2006

IPT World OPen Qualifiers

The first UK IPT World Open qualifier has started with a disappointing 11 player field. Billiards Boutique are being represented by Martinho Correia who recently won two of our satellite qualifiers.

Other players in the draw are:

J. Bushnell
T. Drago
B. Davies
M. Gray
K. Hew
S. Higton
T. Judet
I. Majid
A. Nicholson
A. Worthington

Mark Gray former main tour snooker pro has only ever played two 8-ball events and won them bot so he will be dangerous. We spok to Martinho yesterday and he played 17 sets against Tony Drago in practice and beat him 15 sets - 2. WE know he is playing well and hope that this time he can do the business.

Online coverage can be found here:

IPT WO-9 Qualifier
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