Friday, September 01, 2006

IPT World Open Groups

The player groupings for the first round of the IPT World 8-ball Open Championships have been announced. The 200 players will compete for the biggest pay-day in the history of pool. $3,000,000 is on offer and each player walks way with a minimum $5000.

The winner will receive $500,000 and will be the richest winner in pool tournament history.

Players to look out for are Thorsten Hohmann (winner of the Noth American Open), Marlon Manalo (2nd in North American Open), Chia-Ching Wu (17 year old qualifier and WPA World 8-ball Champion) plus the likes of Reyes, Bustamante, Archer, Nevel and Britains Daryl Peach.

IPT Player Groupings
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