Thursday, October 05, 2006

3 Tips When Buying a Snooker Cue

1. Learn about splicing -

The shaft and the butt are spliced in two ways:

a) Machine spliced - you can tell this by the distinctive pointed splices in the butt wood
b) Hand spliced - This has a more fluid splicing pattern and the tops of the butt wood are rounded into the shaft material.

2. Look for Matching grain

When you buy a snooker cue you get a better consistency of wood and therefore feel through the hit with a shaft and butt that use the same piece of wood throughout. Check to see that the grain matches across the joint. If it doesn't then it is generally a different piece of wood.

3. Looks don't equal feel.

If a cue looks nice it doesn't necessarily mean that it will play nice. I have had a customer recently spend £180+ on a snooker cue that looks gorgeous but he could just not get on with it. Try a few before you buy.
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