Friday, October 20, 2006

Is it the end of the IPT?

With the news that the IPT have failed to pa any of the $3million from the IPT World Open a number people invloved in the industry are asking is this the end of the IPT?

It certainly does not look good, Trudeau has stated to players that payment is imminent and the delay has been caused by factors outside his control (mainly the proposed $150 million takeover by Macau businessman Stanley Ho). However there has been word that Ho has pulled out of the deal and the recent ruling that the USA are banning any form of online gambling certainly adds fuel to the fire. Ho has made his money through HO Casino and its online gambling interface.

Whether the IPT does continue is something we will have to keep a close eye on, however the media coverage that the sport of pool has received since it's inception last year has been amazing. Pool, in some peoples eyes, is no longer a game for seedy bars and gamblers but is a sexy, exciting and often flamboyant game. This has to be good for the development of the game.

One issue is that were the IPT to cease would players put their trust and money into any other organisation that comes along and promises the world? If the IPT does fail then it is going to be difficult to garner the interest of the media without huge wads of cash.

We will see!
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