Friday, December 29, 2006

9-ball Pool: My Greatest Pool Moment

Back earlier in this year I recorded my greatest ever pool moment. I got invited to a Jimmy White exhibition in Bournemouth.

It was packed and the atmosphere was excellent. Jimmy played 3 frames of snooker and won all three then came the 9-ball. I was lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat and stepped up to the table (in front of around 200 punters!) and shook Jimmy's hand. He told me I could have the break and quite arrogantly I added "Are you sure?"

So anyway I give them an almighty wallop and make a ball off the break. I leave myself a difficult cut into the corner on the 1 ball but make it nicely.

The balls were all sat there and the only real difficulty position wise was the 7 to the 8. Needless to say I messed the position up by not really deciding on the shot to play. I left the cue ball touching the side rail with the 8-ball about 2 3rds away. I rolled it in dead weight to hold for the 9 and it sunk!

Now my heart was pounding and all I was saying in my head was DO NOT MISS. I didn't and the crowd were cheering, it felt like I had won the worlds!!!

Jimmy said "nice 8 it was tough!" I said "Thanks".

It is nice to have broke and dished a legend like Jimmy and I can now tell everyone that I have a 100% record against the whirlwind!!! Just wish I had bet the house on it!
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