Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ATEi 2007

I have just got back from the ATEi 2007 at Earls Court arena in London. This annual trade get together for the amusement industry is on a massive scale!

I have to say that it is more geared towards amusement trade operators, arcades, pool/snooker halls and pubs. The sheer scale of the equipment on offer is breathtaking. If you want something coin operated and are in the trade then get down to Earls Court - its FREE to people in the industry and runs 23rd-25th January.

Although the majority of the manufacturers were not to the liking or suitability of Billiards Boutique we did make some new contacts and re-ignite some old ones.

Look out for two very innovative products to be sold via Billiards Boutique in the not too distant future (well by next week hopefully!!!)
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