Friday, January 26, 2007

IPT: Important Message from Kevin Trudeau

Dear IPT Players & Entrants of the 2007 Tour Card Qualifiers,

The IPT 2007 Season has still not been determined. We are still in theprocess of revamping our business model based on the unforeseen legislationoutlawing on-line gaming in the United States. Without our major onlinecasino sponsor, the IPT must undergo a substantial change to its businessmodel. I would like to see the IPT make a strong comeback from this dramaticsetback that we have had to deal with. The most important updates are as follows:.

Players from the 2006 World Open will continue to be paid monthly untilyou are paid in full. Payments will be made on the first of each month. Nopayment will be made February 1st. The next payment will be March 1st, 2007.The amount of each payment will be determined each month and may vary fromtime to time. It is our full intention to get everyone paid in full within the next six months.

As I mentioned previously, for all those who entered 2007 Tour Cardqualification tournaments, if we are not capable of fulfilling our commitments relating to the 2007 Tour, you will be refunded your enrollment fee. We plan on making an announcement on April 15, outlining the 2007 & 2008 seasons.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with these challenging and unavoidable market-condition situations.

I do have a request for everyone receiving this email. I love the game of pool and I am very much committed to continuing to invest my own money and time to making the IPT a successful reality for many years to come. I need to know if you, the players, want the IPT to flourish. I need to know if I have your support. If you, the players, could care less if the IPT continues operating, and if you, the players do not support me in this endeavor, then it would be foolish of me to continue pursuing this tour. Therefore, I request that you respond to this email letting me know if you want this tour to exist and if you support me personally.

I hope that together we can build a successful tour. Thank you again for all of your encouragement, support, and patience up until this point.

Very truly yours,Kevin Trudeau
Founder, IPT
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