Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ortmann/Roschkowsky win 6000 Euro!

Weert Open Special Event

Oliver Ortmann and Andreas Roschkowsky both of Germany have defeated the team of Engert and Feijen in the Weert Open Special Event.

The event featured 8 teams playing scotch doubles 8-ball for a winner takes all 6000 euro prize.


  • Thomas Engert/Niels Feijen - Darren Appleton/Karl Boyes 7-6
  • Oliver Ortmann/Andreas Roschkowsky - Raj Hundall/Imran Majid 7-4
  • Christian Reimering/Alexander Dremsizis - Sven Pauritsch/Thomas Seiffert 7-3
  • Mario Lannoye/Serge Das - Bye


  • Thomas Engert/Niels Feijen - Christian Reimering/Alexander Dremsizis 6-1 Oliver
  • Ortmann/Andreas Roschkowsky - Mario Lannoye/Serge Das 6-3


  • Oliver Ortmann/Andreas Roschkowsky - Thomas Engert/Niels Feijen 6-2

The main event of the Weert Opein now into its last 32 stage with Britains Karl Boyes, Imran Mjid and Raj Hundal still in the hunt for the 4000 euro 1st prize.

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