Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alcaide Wins the 8-ball Grand Masters

Spains David Alcaide has won the first ever 8-ball Grand Masters event held in Cambridge over the weekend of 10th-12th March.

The tournament featured 32 of Europe's top pool players including Tony Drago, Niels Feijen, Nick van den Berg and Britains Imran Majid.

The tournament had a brutal schedule with around 6 hours of pool on the first day for each player and then 12 hours on the next two days depending on match length. The players could not however claim they did not get value for money as each had put in £500 of their own money

This made for an impressive £16,000 prize money and a £6,000 first prize.

Alcaide looked impressive from the start and in his first match ran out an entire set to win 8-0, his opponent never gettng to the table. He followed this up with 2 more racks in the next set. Matches were race to 8, winner breaks and best of 5 sets - hence the long match times.

The semi-finals consisted of 3 club mates that play out of Rileys Victoria in London. Imran Majid, Rico Diks and Tony Drago.

The final went the full distance with Alcaide taking the cash, trophy and the title 3-2 over Imran Majid.
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