Saturday, March 24, 2007

German's Dominate European Pool Championships

The state of German Pool and the strength in depth that they possess is something I have touched on many times before. This last week in Liberec has really been the proof of the pudding.

The latest German winner is Thorsten Hohmann the 2003 World Pool Champion who defeated Radolslaw Babica (Poland) 9-3 in the final of the 9-ball event. But it is not only the winners that have taken precedence as Ralf Souquet also made it to the last four of the 9-ball event and 5 German's in total made it through to the knockout stages.

A special mention must also be made about Matt Lawrenson the U-18 that made it through to the KO stage of the 9-ball, the only Brit to do so. It did not turn out to be the best of tournaments for Britain and the slightly weakened squad did not make the best of the opportunity.


I forgot to post the other day but Daniel Luton picked up a Gold medal for Britain in the Men's 8-ball Wheelchair division and Roy Kimberly took bronze.

Eylul Kibaroglu (Turkey) won the women's 9-ball division and Jasmin Ouschan proved that she is definately Europe's number 1 women's player with another bronze medal meaning she did not finish outside the top three in each of the divisions (on a side note she has also been invited to the World Pool Master's - the second ever female competitor).

Yet another Gold was won by Britain in the men's wheelchair 9-ball. This time Roy Kimberley winning 7-6 over Henrik Larsson of Sweden.

Final Medal Table

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Germany 3 0 2 5
Great Britain 2 0 1 3
Austria 1 1 4 6
Holland 1 0 2 3
Turkey 1 0 0 1
Sweden 0 2 0 2
Denmark 0 1 1 2
Poland 0 1 1 2
Russia 0 1 1 2
Norway 0 1 0 1
Malta 0 1 0 1
Slovenia 0 0 2 2
Finland 0 0 1 1
Greece 0 0 1 1

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