Thursday, April 12, 2007

China to Become Snooker's New World Force?

The China Daily (link above) has reported that China are aiming to stage no less than 10 World Ranking events.

The thinking behind this move (although it would not happen for a good number of years yet) is that as the game is enjoying rapid growth in China it is important from an awareness point of view that Chinese players are featured in the world ranking list. Currently it takes chinese players a long time to move through the rankings due to the structure of the sport.

10 events in China would mean it would be easier for Chinese players to break into the higher echelons of the sport.

Ding JunHui has shown the prowess of Chinese players with a number of World Ranking wins already under his belt. However, Junhui has had to move to the UK to achieve this. Ranking events in China would mean less trvelling and more opportunities for Chinese players to promote themselves.

Personally I think any move to introduce more rankinf events into the calendar is a good move and would be welcomed by all of the players and supporters alike.
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