Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hendry Unconvincing even with New Snooker Cue

Stephen Hendry made, what in some people's eyes would be regarded as mad, a decision to change his trusty cue 2 weeks before the start of he 2007 Snooker World Championships.

It did not look to be the right decision either as he struggled past David Gilbert in the first round after being 4-1 down.

A snooker cue is generally seen as an extension to a players cueing arm and it takes some time for that feeling to exist with a new cue.

Why make a decision to change this close to the World Championships? I am unsure but Hendry is confident that the cue can move him forward - The cue he is using is an Acuerate, a cue developed by leading coach Chris Henry that uses low deflection technology to stop the cue ball squirting when playing with side.

I believe Hendry is the first Pro to use one in competition and it will be interesting to see how he progresses.

Hendry's match in the second round started today against Ali Carter.
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