Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mickey Flynns 10-Ball Event

I made my long awaited return to the tournament scene on Sunday with a trip to Mickey Flynns in Cambridge.

A quality field of 40 players contested this 10-ball event.

The first round was a group stage with each match consisting of 8 racks. All racks had to be played meaning a draw was an option.

I lost my first match to a mate of mine (keeping the score a secret!!!) which meant I had work to do to qualify for the KO stage. I won my next match 5-3 against Colin Gray and then needed a draw or better against Gary Holloway - I won that match 6-2 to cement my place in the last 16.

It was the first time I had made the KO stages of any tournament and not bad considering I had not played a tournament since Jan '05.

It was not to be my day though as in the last 16 I got hammered 9-0 by Wayne Fryer (he went on to be runner-up!) - I was 5-0 down before I got my first visit to the table and he played awesome. He hardly missed a ball and fully deserved the win!

I got a taste for competition again and will hopefully play some more events this year.


1st) Kevin Hew - £350.00
2nd) Wayne Fryer - £150.00
3rd) So Shaw & Anthony Ginn - £90.00
5th) Gareth Esprit, Brad Parker, Mike Rogers, Carlton Watson - £60.00
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