Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peach Only 50 Points Off Top Spot

Daryl Peach is only 50 points away from being Europe's number 1 pool player.

His win in this months German Open (his first Eurotour win) has catapulted him into 4th place behind Niels Feijen, Fabio Petroni and Oliver Ortmann.

Also this week the EPBF has released the full 42 participants from Europe that have qualified for the 2007 World 9-ball Championships held in Manila in November. The nation with the highest number of representatives is Germnay with 7 closely followed by the Brits with 6.

This further demonstrates the growth on a world level that our players are making with absolutely no support from their governing body.

The Brits going to Manila are as follows: Steve Davis, Raj Hundal, Imran Majid, Daryl Peach, Craig Osborne and Kevin Uzzell.

There is still one European spot up for grabs via an open qualifier later in the year.
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