Thursday, July 05, 2007

More Disappointment for UK 9-ball Players

The BPPPA have announced that thismonths proposed UK 9-ball Open Championships, due to be held at the City of Manchester Stadium, have been cancelled.

This latest announcement is one of a long running series of disappointments for Britains players, the British Open was also cancelled last year. It leaves a lot of members with a bitter taste in their mouth asking the question was it just a carrot to get us to join the tour?

Ted Bristow, the BPPPA President stated, "We are extremely disappointed that we have been forced to cancel the event."

Mr Bristow when on to explain the reasons behind the cancellations and that every attempt was made to try and secure a sponsor after the initial sponsor had pulled out.

It has meant that the latest BPPPA Tour event only had 47 players taking part in Manchester. This is the lowest turnout of a Main Tour event in its history and on paper does not bode well for the future.

Players and fans of the sport hope that something can be resolved quickly to give the UK a decent professional 9-ball tour.
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