Thursday, January 10, 2008

£1000 per man 8-Ball Challenge Now on Cuesport TV

The £1000 per man US 8-ball Pool Challenge between Gareth 'Darkside' Esprit and Lee Rigby is now showing in the schedule and on demand on Internet TV station Cuesport TV.

If none of you have visited Cuesport TV and you are looking for your next hit of pool, snooker or billiards televised action then this website is going to become the place to visit on the Internet.

Not only will you get quality one-off matches but Cuesport TV have just recently struck a deal with GB9 (the UK's new professional 9-ball tour) to become the tours official streaming media partner. Cuesport TV will have cameras at every one of the GB9 events this season starting with the Midlands Open on Feb 1st-3rd.

To get full access to the site over the coming months make sure you register.
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