Monday, April 07, 2008

Ronnie O'Sullivan Under Investigation

The Saga (and not the Masters sponsor!) continues.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's comments at the China Open in a post press conference have been dubbed as 'unacceptable' by World Snooker chief Sir Rodney Walker. He has personally apologised to the promoter of the Honghe Industrial World Snooker China Open and also sent his apologies to anyone in China that may have been offended by O'Sullivans comments.

Why it is that Sir Rodney is apologising and not Ronnie himself is beyond me and I think that he has been wrapped up in cotton wool too many times by the snooker authorities. A player displaying this kind of behaviour in any other sport would be immediately dealt with.

This has been referred to the WPBSA disciplinary committee but again will take months for it to be resolved.

And for anyone that has not seen it he it is:
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