Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A long time away

Well it has been a while since I last posted and things have not changed much, well apart from the lovely Becky leaving Billiards Boutique for a new job (meaning I am back on my own!)

Things have been a bit slower this summer (there is always a summer slowdown but this seems different) not sure if we are being hit by the credit crunch?

It is strange though as the majority of the goods we are selling are over the $200 (I had to convert to dollars my pound sign isn't working!!!) mark. This tends to hint that people do have money in their pocket and are seeking out the best online stores to spend it so they get more value for money.

I think what our customers actually like is the fact that they can call up and speak to a human being, who believe it or not, generally knows what they are talking about.

I had a customer call the other day for a relatively small item that he and his wife had been searching for for over three days. They stumbled across Billiards Boutique and gave us a call.

What was the best part? The fact that we were able to advise him on the correct size should purchase rather than what he was going to buy - oh and he got them the next day as well.

I say bring on the credit crunch because those that are buying will always seek out the best deals and the best service.
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