Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Powerglide Cues now Available

Powerglide have a name steeped in history when it comes to snooker cue manufacture. They recently launched a brand new range of Powerglide Snooker Cues and we have the Powerglide Professional range already in stock.

Over the coming weeks you will also be able to see the two more affordable ranges, the Tournament and Classic ranges meaning there is a snooker cue available for every budget.

Now owned by Unicorn Products (a world famous name in darts!) Powerglide cues are made to exacting standards in Unicorn's own factory in China. The professional range feature genuine hand splicing with exotic ebony butts and a mixture of zebrawood and snakewood splices and inlays.

The cues are available as 2 piece (centre-jointed) or 3/4 jointed models and are priced from £140-£179 including free UK delivery.
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