Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cuesport TV Trial HD Streaming Snooker Videos

Web TV channel Cuesport TV have this week released two demo videos in 720p High Definition.

The videos are believed to be the first snooker videos to be streamed in High Definition online. The HD content shows the true capabilities of the platform that the company adopted in April 2009.

The HD videos that have been made available were recorded at the recent TCC Snooker Pro-am in Wales. The tournament is a very small but prestigious snooker event that the channel had exclusive access to. The tournament featured top snooker stars such as Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy, Ryan Day and Matthew Stevens. Stevens will feature in some later HD demo's recorded at the same period.

Managing Director of Cuesport TV Ltd, Pete Williams, commented, "HD video is always something we have wanted to serve but it has taken us a while to reach this stage, the video we have recently made available showcases the capabilities of High Definition as a video-on-demand concept.”

Williams also said, “It is theoretically possible to stream live Internet video in full HD, however, in reality the UK does not yet have the broadband infrastructure to cope with the demands of HD streaming. The VOD content in this particular demo requires a 5 meg Internet connection as a minimum otherwise a lot of buffering occurs. Once broadband across the whole of the UK develops, as it will in the next 5 years, then live streaming of HD video will become a reality. It is in our interest and within our aims to be at the forefront of this technology."

In the first four days of the initial trial the company has seen it's viewing figures rise by an amazing 10%. There are now plans in place for Cuesport TV to capture HD content at all of the major tournaments and matches that the channel has access to and make available both standard and high definition versions to its subscribers.

Check out the videos here: High Definition Snooker Videos
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