Monday, June 14, 2010

4 Reasons You Need a Tip Tool in Your Cue Case

A cue tip tool is an important piece of your pool or snooker armoury. These four reasons below explain why they could be important.

1. Glazed or hardened cue tips. As a tip gets older the top layer of it can become glazed (shiny) and hardened, having a tip tool in your cue case can enable you to loosen up the cue tips fibres. By loosening the fibres it means the tip will hold chalk more evenly and help to eliminate miscues.

2. Miscues. From time-to-time even the best of us Mis-cue the odd shot. This can be caused by either bad cueing or a bad tip. If caused by bad cueing it is likely that the tip will have slight damage. A cue tip tool or file will allow you to repair the tip on the fly without the need for replacement.

3. Mushrooming. Tips can mushroom with extended use, this means the contact area of the tip flattens out and overhangs the ferrule. The right tip tool can trim this overhang and return the tip back to prime condition.

4. Confidence. Having a tip tool in your case can bring you additional confidence. Especially if you know you have used it before a match. You know that your cue tip is in the best possible state and if anything happens during a match you can make the neccesary repairs quickly.

Item pictured is our best selling tip tool the Cuetec Bowtie
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