Monday, June 28, 2010

England's Woeful World Cup Display

So what of this 'Golden Era' of English footballing talent? Well, for one they were completely outclassed yesterday by a much better organised and exciting German side.

So many times we fall foul of the German's but yesterdays performance ended up being our worst ever World Cup finals defeat.

I, like many, was touting the chances of England to lift the World Cup before the tournament began, we had cruised through qualifying and the players looked capable of playing for their country as they do week-in-week-out for their clubs. Come tournament time though we looked an absolute shambles, no width, no fight, no desire and certainly no creativity. Please do not even mention the defensive performances!

If there was unrest and disharmony in the squad caused by Fabio's tactical decisions or playing certain players in unfavoured positions then my opinion would be that they never play for their country again. Whoever is the coach should have the full backing of the players at all times - even if they disagree. Why is it England are seemingly producing a bunch of overpaid and underperforming primadonna's?

I think this generation of English 'talent' has had its day, what I would like to see as a stoic England fan is an English manager in charge that can show the players some real passion. Second on my list would be to start afresh, bin the 30 somethings and start with some fresh blood that may well relish the opportunity of pulling on that national shirt.

Anyway thats my bit out of the way, have your comments below.

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