Tuesday, January 04, 2011

VAT Rises to 20% in the UK - or Does it?

As of today VAT (Value Added Tax) has risen to an all time high of 20% in the UK. As a customer you need not do anything as our shopping cart provides you with a calculation on checkout anyway.

However, we have decided that we will not increase our prices throughout the month of January, so the prices you see in store are pre-VAT increase. We are going to soak up the additional 2.5% for the month of January.

In February it is likely that our prices will have to rise, not only due to the VAT increase but also due to delivery charges being increased from our main carriers a cost that we can no longer soak up.

As a side note to the VAT rise, we have managed to source a few more of the Cannon Azure 3/4 Cues so have continued with the pre-Christmas offer until this latest batch is sold out.
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