Monday, October 17, 2011

Is the Barry Hearn Honeymoon Over?

I was reading through a number of blogs this morning and came across this post by Dave Hendon (of Snooker Scene and Eurosport fame), the post Trouble in Paradise deals with the growth of snooker since Barry Hearn took over the sport.

Whilst for the fans and, in some respects, the players it is a massive step forward in terms of the number of tournaments available there is always a negative side to this development.

Hendon interviews top 16 player Stephen Maguire in the piece and it is very interesting to read the thoughts of one of the games top players.

Whilst I won't go into detail about the content of the post what I will say is that it is important to get the balance right, yes of course there needs to be more tournaments and global expansion is good but players personal expenses need to be taken into account.

One way of fixing this may be to 'bundle' the Asian events into a 6 week block saving the players massive travel expenses.

Anyway read the post on Hendon's blog and let me know your thoughts.
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