Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Reasons Why Halo Snooker Cue Cases are a Must-Have Purchase

Since they were introduced to the range back in June 2012 the Peradon Halo Snooker Cue Cases have become one of our most popular lines. Below we explore five reasons as to why a snooker cue case from this range is a must-have purchase.


The Halo range of snooker cue cases have been designed with style in mind. The cases have a leatherette exterior and an aluminium trim with the Peradon and Halo logo's stitched into the front of the case. The chrome latches also add to this piece of style making a very classy looking cue case. Interestingly the 3/4 range further enhance this by having colour options based on traditional leather snooker cue cases.


The Halo Cue Cases are in no way cheap but they certainly are affordable with prices starting at £54.97 for the 2 piece model. What adds to this affordability though is the build quality. A well built snooker cue case will obviously protect your investment in a cue so our customers are prepared to pay for the Halo range.


Not bomb proof by any stretch of the imagination but the Halo range is very robust and offer a great alternative to a standard attaché style hard case or even aluminium. As mentioned previously the cases are built well and have aluminium trim which runs around the entire exterior of the case which protects it at its weakest points.


Another reason why these cue cases have been so popular is that the range is versatile, a case has been created for each type of snooker cue. What you get is the same build quality, affordability and style across the range regardless of which model you are purchasing.

The Leather Alternative

Leather cue cases are always something that players aspire to, what you get with the Halo snooker cue case range is that leather look, leather form and function out of a much more cost effective cue case. the 3/4 cue cases in the range (3/4 red and black patchwork model is pictured) also have patchwork and stripe pattern versions which is very much in keeping with the way real leather cases have gone.

Hopefully this gives you much more of an insight into why these cue cases have become so popular at Billiards Boutique and give you our opinion as to why they really are a must-have purchase. Peradon Snooker Cue Cases have always been popular with our customers but this range has really started to dominate.
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