Friday, March 22, 2013

Great Value Snooker Cue and Case Packages

We often look at ways in which we can offer excellent value for money to our customers.

One of those ways has been through creating special offer snooker cue and case packages using some great quality snooker cues and adding a decent cue case with cue extensions and snooker accessories to complete the package.

This month we have added no less than three new snooker cue and case packages to the website starting at just £49.97 with free UK delivery as standard.

In order to provide these snooker cue and case packages we have to buy in larger quantities than we normally would so they are only available whilst that extra stock lasts.

As some of you may be aware we are based in Dorset, England and now a number of these snooker cue and case packages are also available for sale in Snookes, Weymouth - our local snooker and pool club. You can get a feel for the cues before purchasing and can then simply pay the guys in the club, the good thing is you still get the usual Billiards Boutique guarantee.

There are still a number of our customers that prefer to do their business over the telephone, this is also perfectly fine, simply call us on 01305 822132 during normal business hours and we will be happy to help.

NOTE: The image features the Britannia Mk 2 Snooker Cue, Case and Extensions Set which costs £69.97
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