Thursday, April 04, 2013

Top Professionals Love Supreme Winner Pool Tables

For some time we have heard whispers that the top pool players really do love the Supreme Winner Pool Table, coupled with the fact that this is our top selling slate bed pool table we decided to ask a few of the pro's that we know why they like these tables so much? After a year of change last season they are also back as the table of choice for the IPA Tour.

Andy MacDonald (IPA Tour Secretary) – 20th Pro Rankings

I think that consistency is the key, they generally play the same from one table to the next. They don't scrimp on cushions either, unlike some manufacturers supreme pool tables use proper rubbers so playing doubles is usually easier to judge. Finally I think they have the right balance on pocket cuts, making it possible to take out some very creative finishes without being too giving on cushion shots.

Andy is also currently promoting as well as being the current IPA Pool Tour secretary and Professional player Rep.

Ben Davies – 9th Pro Rankings

The reason I prefer the supreme winner pool table is because its the only table I have played on that plays completely true. You can judge most tables on the way the balls go down the rails, and the majority are either too tight or the jaws are cut wrong or just simply too easy. But the supreme winner is bang in the middle. If you're potting a ball down the rail you need to hit it right on the supreme winner and if you hit it right then there's no limit to the speed you can play the shot, because as long as you're accurate the winner will take it. The cushions, the jaws, the table design is all perfect.

Welshman Ben Davies is a former EUKPF World 8-Ball Champion and you can find him on the web at Ben 'Ding' Davies.

Simon Ward - 29th Pro Rankings

The consistency of the cushions and pockets on the Supreme winner over time is much better than any other table. If you look after a supreme table it will play perfectly, whereas other tables lose a lot of consistency after just a few 100 frames. As a player when you try and pot a ball down the cushion you instinctively know if its going to drop as soon as you've made contact with the object ball, however other tables can be a lot less predictable, and you find yourself playing exactly the same shot twice, one time the ball drops, the second time it doesn't.
Supreme Pool Tables are often criticised for being too 'easy' when brand new, but what table isn't? It's reassuring for a attacking player that no matter what pot you are left with to try and win the frame, if you play it right the table will accept the ball at any speed, whereas you can find yourself playing the shot the way another table is most likely to let the ball drop, rather than how you want to play it. The quality and design of the rubber on the back of the pockets, especially the middles, means that bounce-outs are also very rare, nothing more frustrating than playing a good shot only for the pocket to spit it back out! The RRP [Start at just £699.00 delivered at Billiards Boutique] of the tables is also non comparable to any other tournament tables, making them accessible to anyone who wants to purchase one to practice or to run a tournament. By the players, they are universally recognised as the best pool tables to play on.

2013 is Simon's first season as a Pro on the IPA Tour after being promoted from the amateur ranks last season.

Supreme Winner Pool Table in Mahogany Finish - From £699.00

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