Monday, June 24, 2013

Which Pool Table Light is Right for My Pool Table?

Brass Bar with Black shades
It is often a very subjective thing buying a pool table light and is often down to a matter of taste, however, whatever style of lighting you opt for there are certain things you need to look out for when purchasing:

1. Table Size

This is by far and away the most important factor as it will affect the playing area of your pool table, you don't want dark areas and likewise you don't want glare or light surpassing the edges of the pool table.
  • For a 6ft or 7ft Table a 3 Shade lamp will give you plenty enough coverage
  • For an 8ft or 9ft table a 4 shade lamp will be most suitable
For snooker tables that are then available in sizes of 10ft or 12ft you would need a full size lamp set, if it has shades this will generally be in 6 shade configuration.

2. Price

As with most products price is important but more so when it comes to electrical equipment we need to consider the price as a very good deal on the wallet can cause a very bad deal on the pool table. It is also very important to consider safety certification as part of the price.

3. Lighting Style

I don't mean from a design and aesthetic point of view here. What I am talking about is how the light does it's job. There are three main ways of lighting the table.
  • Traditional canopy style light. Inside the large canopy are a number of light fittings to accept standard bulbs (can use energy saving bulbs as well). The inside of the canopy is normally white so that the bulbs light reflects evenly over the table. These lights can cause shadowy areas if installed incorrectly and too close to the table, they are also very bulky and in my opinion unsightly.
  • Bar and Shade Style. The pool table lights that we sell at Billiards Boutique all currently come in this style
  • Luminaire style. These lights tend to be much more expensive but utilise tube lighting to give a very even spread of light, due to the tube bulbs they can be much flatter in profile than the other lighting types.
Hopefully this article has given you some insight into both the types of lighting available and what you need to look for when purchasing. One last point to make, due to safety laws always buy from a recognised UK seller.

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