Friday, July 05, 2013

Asking me for Sponsorship

At least once every two weeks I get an unsolicited email in my inbox from a pool or snooker player, or tournament, or charitable organisation, asking me for sponsorship.

In most cases I believe that the person asking for support really does think that there is a good fit for their respective project, but in the majority of these numerous contacts nobody ever really offers value.

Sponsorship is a two-way arrangement the person or organisation receives the money and the sponsor receives something in return - not rocket science, however, just offering a space on a waistcoat these days is simply not enough.

If I am going to sponsor an event or individual then I am looking for some very important factors you can see these listed below:

  1. Professionalism - if you want money off me then you have to show a certain level of professionalism, this does not mean you have to be a professional player but that you conduct yourself in a respectable manner and approach me either via email or phone in a courteous and respectful way.
  2. Offer Value - What am I going to get in return for handing over my hard-earned cash? You need to think long and hard about this and how you can bring value to any proposition. If you can't see how I will make my money back then you are unlikely to receive any support.
  3. Detailed Information - I want to know as much about you, your organisation or your playing background as possible, think about it as almost applying for a job. Provide a CV with your tournament history. Tell me about what you want to achieve short-term and long-term but be realistic.
  4. Research - This is more about finding out what my business does, I don't expect you to remember every price or to have visited every web page but I do expect a certain level of knowledge about what   my brand does and how it is positioned in the market place.
  5. Return on Investment - Marketing these days is much more about metrics, measuring everything and seeing how if I spend X will it return Y. If you have a clear idea about how sponsoring you will make me money then this is a proposition which is going to be more appealing to me, but it has to be measurable, I have to be able to see in black and white the return I have made.
For me anyone wanting money off me has to earn it, money does not come for free I have to work hard to generate it and I would expect you to do the same. Do your background work, put a professional proposition together and by all means let me have a look at it. If you can't be bothered to do the leg work then there is no chance that you will receive any support.

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