Sunday, July 07, 2013

Restoring My Faith in Humanity (or at Least some of it!)

Photo Credit M. Gifford via Flickr
A couple of things this month have happened that have really made me feel great, and instilled in me that there really are some trustworthy and honest people in the world.

We are not talking huge amounts of money in either case but both stories show that good customer service can win through!

The first story is regarding a customer in Brazil who purchased an Extenda Push-on Telescopic Snooker Cue Extension, this was originally ordered and dispatched in April of this year. After two weeks of waiting the extension never arrived so in this case I refunded the customer straight away.

Out of the blue the same customer emailed this week to say that they had finally received the extension and that it had been held in customs, firstly wow for coming clean, but secondly, and this is the amazing part, that customer then offered to pay the full price and the shipping cost they would have originally incurred. I was astounded as there is no way in the world I could enforce such a request. Ultimately I was prepared to let him have it for free, the refund had been made of course. True to his word the customer logged onto the website and made the payment.

The second story involved a number of pool cue ferrules. The customer, from the UK, contacted me to say that the ferrules were not the correct size when he had measured them with calipers. So I instantly sent him some more after making sure ours were the correct size.

The customer then rang and made an apology that his calipers were not working correctly and offered to pay for the second batch of ferrules.

Two stories where I think good customer service along with trustworthy and honest customers has meant that a small bit of karma has been restored to the world!

Do you have any similar stories?
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